How to Express Yourself with Fashion

The way you dress, accessorise and generally groom makes a strong statement about your personality. Your sense of fashion sets your mood and by extension of those around you. Fashion enforces your personal beliefs of who you are. If you are always in sporty fashion, you know that you feel lively and active. You believe that you are a person of action and adventure. Fashion can also express how you feel about other people among other things.

Personal belief

Do you always find that you are buying certain kinds of clothes and do not follow current fashion trends?  Your pick of fashion shows individual tastes and what you think is the best for you. These clothes fit your personality and make you feel comfortable. If you are comfortable wearing jeans and T-shirt to the office, you most likely believe that work is not about appearances but ability.


Fashion is also a path to self-discovery.  If you are constantly perusing fashion magazines and experimenting with different fashion trends, it is likely that you are yet to settle on a favourite style. Your fashion sense can tell others if you are a person of strong beliefs or not. If you are constantly moving from one trend to another, you like agreeing with others and are open to the views set by others.

Personal feeling

Your fashion can make a statement about an event or person. Dressing in conservative dark colours is a strong indication that you are expecting to be in a situation that is sombre or serious.  Black is the universal funereal colour while a person going for an interview will likely dress in dark grey and blue shades.

You can also express your feelings about another person using fashion. If you are going for an exciting date with a person you really like, you will be dressed in clothes that show your better aspects. You are also likely to go for warmer passionate colours like red or orange.  Meanwhile, a visit to the boss’ anniversary will be in your smart casual khakis and long sleeve shirt.

Life outlook

The way you dress says much about your view of life and the way you conduct your daily affairs. If you are always in sandals and shorts when the weather allows it, you are a carefree life who believes that life is never too serious as long as everything is getting done the right way.

If you are only comfortable when in a three piece suit, you are most likely a person who believes in systems and procedures where everyone should know their place and duty.


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